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WordPress Maintenance

Your WordPress Website is an important part of your Business. It powers your website for your business 24/7 . This is why you need a WordPress maintenance package.

It’s so very important that your site is treated like a well-oiled machine, it needs regular maintenance.

That is why a WordPress Maintenance program is a MUST for any business who relies on their website to be the lead generation and online authority builder its intended for.

WordPress is the most popular content management system, it is targeted by lots of hackers who want to get into your Website and break it, or steal parts of your business. Plugins, Themes and WordPress itself require lots of updates in order to be protected against Hackers. That is why your WordPress website must be up to date, with the latest versions of Plugins, Themes and most importantly WordPress itself.

My WordPress Maintenance Package Consists Of The Below: (minimum of 6 months subscription)

  • Monthly Back-ups of WordPress Database which contains the site content and WordPress Files which contains the site design.  The backups are stored on my file storing program.  I will share the folder with you so that you have access to the back-up to download onto your computer if need be.  This is a huge protection if anything were to break within WordPress, it can then be easily restored back to a stable condition.
  • WordPress Version Updates – Keep your WordPress version up to date and reduce the risk of security issues.
  • WordPress Plug-in updates
  • Virus & Malware Scan
  • Broken Links Scan – I will perform a monthly scan for broken links on your website and fix them, if I’m able (and report them to you, otherwise).
  • Empty all Spam & Trash
  • Regular Password Changes
  • 1 hour of Technical Support & Site Changes – Have a question about a plugin? Want me to SEO a blog post for you? Want to change some content on your site? I can help!

Contact me now if you would like to protect your valuable business asset. Your website!


What is not included in your website maintenance package:

– Since I have no control if your website is hacked/spammed, the actual recovery is not included in any of your Maintenance plans, and will be billed hourly. Should you wish for me to perform the restoration. The maintenance plan is to help prevent these things from occurring and interrupting your website availability – think of it like an insurance policy for your website, only better because Im doing the actual work to prevent disasters from occurring. One of the best ways to protect your Website is to have a long and difficult password for all your accounts (WordPress Administration, Hosting, Domain Name), and to change it regularly. Here’s a tool I like to use to generate Complex Passwords. I also like  to use a site to save all my passwords kind of like a vault. You can find this here LastPass. Note that any additional work will be billed hourly and any unused support per month will not accrue or be rolled over to future months.