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White Hat V Black Hat SEO

What is White Hat and Black Hat SEO ? Search engine optimisation (SEO) has now become an important part of an organisation’s strategy for marketing success. Through the years, SEO continues to evolve. Digital marketing and optimisation keep us on our toes. There are constant and continuous adjustments as we navigate this ever-changing landscape. SEO […]

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WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance – Why Its Important

Why Updating WordPress is So Important WordPress is an online open source tool that allows people – professionals or not – to create their own websites without worrying much about the scary tech that goes with owning a website. It has become popular to digital marketers, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers and anyone else really because it […]

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Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories: What does it Mean for Business Owners  Instagram has come up with a new feature – Instagram stories. It is already rolling out to the enjoyment of social media users. But how can businesses like you and me take advantage of this to promote products or services? Let’s check. What are Instagram stories? […]

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Facebooks New news feed

Facebook News Feed by Topics

Facebook’s New News Feed – What Does It Mean For Business Pages? If there is one thing that is constant on Facebook, then that is change. Since the prominent social networking site quickly gained millions of users worldwide, it has been constantly evolving to make it more immersive, more interactive and more innovative than the […]

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beat procastination

4 Ways To Beat Procastination

Its Time to Kick Procrastination to the Kerb Procrastination is common to almost everyone, and the only difference is how each individual deals with it. In most cases, putting off tasks seems to be more tempting when you’re an entrepreneur because you are in control of your time. I know I am fond of shiny object […]

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