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Facebook Lead Ads

What is Facebook Lead Ads and Why Are They One Of The Best Performing Ad Types?


Facebook Lead Ads allows you to generate leads on the platform easier, you can ask for your prospects information without having to leave Facebook.


It works in the following easy steps:

  1. Show your audience the ad
  2. They click on your call to action
  3. A form pops up where they fill their personal information
  4. They review the information and edit where need be.
  5. Submit the information
  6. You get an opt-in for whatever you were enticing them to sign up for.


Once the user is done with this, they will be sent to a ‘Thank You Page’ with a link to the offer they opted in for. If they visit your link, you can upsell more to them or just have them download the resource and then import their details to your favourite mail app or use it for re-targeting ads on Facebook.


Why You Should Use Facebook Lead Ads

In order to get your prospect through the buying cycle, they need to pass through three stages – 1- awareness, 2 – consideration, and 3 – purchase.

  1. Awareness

At this stage, prospects might not realise they need your product or service yet so the goal here is often to grab their attention and then follow up with them when they are ready to consider the alternatives.

  1. Consideration

This is the second stage in the buying cycle and at this stage, they have identified the need. They have probably started searching for alternative options which makes it the perfect timing to follow up and generate a lead. One easy way of doing this is by providing something of value, ie; a Lead Magnet.

  1. Decision

Keep in mind that leads will take their time to survey the landscape especially as regards to the value they will be getting from you and then what it would cost them before making a final decision.


There are many reasons why you should try Facebook Lead Ads on for size and they include:

1. Super Smooth Mobile Flow

With Facebook Lead Ads, users have less choice to make. They either have to click and share their auto-filled information with the advertiser, override it or not. The decision-making process is shorter and the risk that someone will opt out completely is lower.
As we all know, with lead generation there are two parts:

– generating interest

– capturing the interest

Capturing these interests is what Lead Ads do so well as users don’t have to leave Facebook to fill out our forms as they have done in the past. Before, ads were redirected to landing pages off of Facebook which is often risky and confusing. With Lead Ads, everything can be done from Facebook at the touch of two to three clicks.

2. Auto Filled Forms

For Facebook, simplicity was key with the Lead Ads and this is why their forms have an auto-fill feature which was created to reduce opt out after interest has been generated.

With the lead ads, the advertiser can add as much as 18 preset fields to minimise the amount of typing necessary and they can all be taken from the user’s profile and auto-filled into the form.

Data such as Email, First Name, Phone Number, City, Gender to Job Title can be accessed from the forms. Additional custom questions or pre-defined questions can be added as well as a custom disclaimer. While this array of options could make it tempting for you to collect as many details as possible, keep in mind that people are naturally hesitant to share too much data with advertisers. So, it’s better, you keep the form as short as possible.

For the user, it is quite easy as the signup form has an auto-fill function which means there are fewer things people have to do, the better they will convert. Most Facebook users won’t override the info that auto-filled which means your getting their primary real email address, not just a fake one. You can also customize the form to request more information if you want.

3. Quality Leads

With Facebook being the second to the third most used application on people’s smartphones, you’re sure of the authenticity of the information being profiled.
Most advertisers are often excited about this, knowing fully well how accurate the data going into their CRM is which in turns deliver positive ROI when combined with a valuable lead magnet.

4. Landing Pages

Lead Ads give the user the ability to share their content with a business in just 2 clicks. They really don’t have to leave Facebook to visit the advertiser’s website in order to communicate with that business.

Prior to Lead Ads, businesses would have to create relevant and informative landing pages to collect leads which in turn directs them to a lead magnet with an incentive. Having the users stay on Facebook without having the need to create landing pages reduces the cost by saving you money that will have been spent on creating new landing pages with third-party platforms such as Lead Pages or Insta Page. It also makes for a better user experience as they produce instant experiences unless using landing pages that will take them down a different route.


Cons Of Using Facebook Lead Ads

1. Lead Quality

Due to the ease of submitting information and the absence of a landing page, leads gotten might be of lower value and they might not understand what the offer it is or remember to check their email later. Collecting leads from people who will never open their emails is of little to no value and worse still, is that they might not remember your business in the future or could mark your emails as spam.

2. Users stay on Facebook

Keeping users on Facebook means there will be a lower engagement with the company’s message and the brand proposition which would affect potential upsells or purchases from the company. When you use a third party platform for a full-blown lead generation funnel you have the opportunity to really hone your message and brand for them. Followed by an upsell, trip wire or consult offer. It’s difficult to do this via the Facebook Lead Ads.

The thing to consider when choosing whether or not to run with a lead ad is to start with your budget, then work out what stage are you at in your lead capture journey.
Are you just starting out in your subscriber list generation? or are you wanting those who are ready to purchase?

Just keep in mind you will get very cheap and cost effective leads using Facebook Lead Ads however they might still be in the research stage of their own fact-finding mission and not quite ready to buy. These leads make for great times, you get to build rapport with them to get them to the next stage.

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