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Digital Marketing Strategist, Mentor, Speaker & Intellectual Badass (geek).

Teaching business owners & entrepreneurs how to leverage Social Media & Technology to create Social Media Chaos.

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Thanks so much for dropping into – I’m a little chuffed to have you here 🙂

I’m so excited you found me because I’ve got an amazing story to share with you. social-media-expert

Picture this…

5 years ago, in a corporate job, damn good at what I did although feeling completely under-appreciated and over-worked.

You see, I had been an IT Systems Manager for an SME with 350  staff for 12 years and was getting frustrated at the thought of having to go to work every day and deal with disrespectful people who did not appreciate the importance of an IT department nor respect technology and digital marketing.

A couple more years went on and I was borderline depressed, I had to be dragged out of bed in the morning. I was being critiqued by managers who preferred to write a handwritten memo over an email and I just simply was at my wit’s end.

I had been building websites and managing paid advertising campaigns online for clients on the side for many years and figured how hard is it really to be paid what you are worth whilst doing something you love? (stay with me here I’ll get to the point soon) I knew how to generate leads I did it for my current clients on the side and for my day job. So it has to be easy right? All the big guns online making millions of dollars a year all I wanted was to replace my yearly salary. Easy as for sure…

Yeah ok – Maybe not so much.

Running a business is crazy tough. And if you aren’t careful, can dictate your family, relationships, future – your whole life.

My partner and I were after a lifestyle business that we could help a shit load of people get the results in life they truly were capable of, make a desirable amount of money that gave us freedom of choice and not have to worry how the next bill would be paid. We wanted a property suitable for horses and oh.. so much more.

For this to happen I needed to ramp things up at night and weekends in my business (Yep already working a 45hour week full-time). So I did just that.

Websites for tradies, for photographers, hotels, physios, pubs, hairdressers, coaches, real estates anyone who needed a website really. Pulled in probably an extra $25-$30k per year for two years. Not too bad really. Not too great either!

Now its 2013.

I was being distracted whilst ‘working’ on a campaign for a Foxtel TV Show client one night and I was immediately drawn to this ad in my news feed. The ad caught my attention and my immediate reaction was. Oh my goodness, this chick has ‘Something About Mary’ fringe. What is she on about. So as you do click through on the ad, and I was sucked into her marketing, in a good way. ‘Get more clients that you love’. I thought oo i need to know more about this woman – She was a business coach & marketing expert. Let me see what she really knows. (Yep I’m a HIGH D on the edisc scale if you are familiar with this D’s are the best at everything and are not afraid to tell you) haha.

Before you know it I had opt-ed into her sales funnel AND given away my mobile number. Little did I know that my entire life was about to change right before my very eyes. I hired her to be my business mentor because i needed the occasional kick in the pants.

The rest was history.

During these 3 years, I was able to make 250k part time + doing what I loved (websites, online courses, social media strategy sessions, coaching, masterminding, my own 3 day events, guest speaking) All whilst working still at my day job. Since my success in my own business, I am getting a lot more respect at my day job. Hrmm funny that!

In essence, who doesn’t want to work from anywhere in the world?  Want to have more time for friends and family? Want to be more flexible with your working hours?
Want to make a difference to your client’s lives and show them they can also have what you have.

amy-louise-macgregorMy business has slightly evolved over the last couple of years, going from helping anyone who needs me to being selective and only working with my ideal clients. Everything I do is by application only. Whether its my online Social Media Chaos course or Chaos Mastery 1:1 Coaching, a website Bells and Whistles package or a 3 day event. I don’t just work with anyone anymore.

I believe in being authentic. ‘Authenticity is my currency!’. If you can be 100% you and attract your ideal perfect client, why wouldn’t you have the success you have always dreamed of?

I help entrepreneurs and businesses to leverage social media and attract an audience, build their list, write compelling and resonating content that builds their authority and social credibility online – all whilst being 100% authentically true to themselves.

I have created hundreds of websites that convert visitors to paying customers. I have lost count of how many sales and marketing funnels I have created personally myself. I have been on the tools for over 17 years now as an IT Manager and Digital Strategist. I know what works and what doesn’t.

Should you want results in reaching your ideal audience online, improving your website’s performance or a new website then please click here and reach out.