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White Hat SEO V Black Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO ? Search engine optimisation (SEO) has now become an important part of an organisation’s strategy for marketing success. Through the years, SEO continues to evolve. Digital marketing and optimisation keep us on our toes. There are constant and continuous adjustments as we navigate this ever-changing landscape. […]

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21 Proven Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Website

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, attracting a steady flow of visitors to your website is critical for business success. Increased website traffic not only enhances online visibility but also opens up opportunities for growth and conversions. In this article, we will explore 21 powerful strategies to increase traffic to your website and drive your business […]

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My Epic List Of Stock Images Free For Commercial Use.

It’s hard to find good quality stock images free for commercial use for your content. I know. I’m often found around various places snapping photos of landscapes, people, abstract views and animals with my trusty iPhone. All in the name of good content stock images. There comes a time, though, that I need to rely […]

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Website Bounce Rate

Proven Strategies for Improving Website Bounce Rate

In the vast digital landscape, a website bounce rate is a critical metric that can make or break its success. A bounce occurs when a visitor lands on your website and leaves without interacting further. While a high bounce rate might seem daunting, understanding its root causes and implementing strategic solutions can significantly improve your […]

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WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance – Why Its Important

Why Updating WordPress is So Important WordPress is an online open source tool that allows people – professionals or not – to create their own websites without worrying much about the scary tech that goes with owning a website. It has become popular to digital marketers, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers and anyone else really because it […]

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